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The 36 Communes

City of Cases de Pène

The commune of Cases de Pène is located in the natural region of the Catalan Corbières, to the north-east of Estagel and to the south of Vingrau. The territory of the commune benefits from a clayey and fertile soil, in the heart of a limestone massif. Throughout history, man has settled here, finding good land to cultivate.

The area of the commune is 1,338 hectares and its altitude varies between 36 and 362 metres.

The story

Cases, in Catalan, means "houses", pena is a translation of the word "rock". Cases de pena (Cases de Pène) "House in the rocks". Built around 1772 on the promontory on the left bank of the Agly, the village then developed along the RN 117. Cases de Pène is known for the Hermitage of Notre Dame de Pène, which overlooks the village in the direction of Estagel. Built on a limestone spur dominating the southern part of the village, the Hermitage of Notre Dame de Pène was founded in the 14th century near the old Château de Pena, of which only very few remains remain.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Cases de Pène has a population of approximately 953. Its inhabitants are called Casois.

The Village of Cases de Pène

The first village was located on the banks of the Agly at a place called Sainte Colombe. Only a section of wall, a vestige of its church, and the trace of a well covered by undergrowth make it possible to locate it today. The village was abandoned before 1263. The overflowing of the Agly was the cause of this departure, and it was after this date that the population came to settle inside the meander and build the present village of Cases de Pèna.