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Instead of throwing putrescible waste in the bin with the final destination being the incinerator, why not turn it into fertilizer for the garden or houseplants! Alone or in a group, get a composter!

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A composter is a

By composting, I transform more than 50 kg of biodegradable waste per person per year for my plants or my garden. Lighter bins also mean lower waste collection and processing costs, as well as personal savings on the purchase of potting soil or fertiliser.

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Already installed on the territory of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

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"There will be smells ....

If you stick to a base of putrescible waste (fruit and vegetables, peelings, garden clippings, weeds, etc.), you will find the smell of a forest in autumn, far from an olfactory nuisance!

"The presence of insects

Stirring your composter once a week will prevent midges and, in winter, shrews from settling in.

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Fill in the charter for the provision of composters and deposit it in your town hall. If you have any questions, please contact us.