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To be discharged into the aquatic environment without causing pollution, wastewater from residential areas must be treated.

What is our role?

PMM is responsible for collecting, transporting and treating wastewater in the 36 municipalities in the area. Before returning it to the natural environment thanks to a series of facilities for which it is responsible for operation, maintenance and renewal.

of underground pipes
0 km
wastewater treatment plants on the territory

Collective sanitation

This is the set of pipes that carry wastewater from the point of entry from your home, building, business or industry to a treatment centre. Two types of networks exist on the territory:

The combined network

It consists of a single pipe that collects all the water and carries it to the treatment plants.

The separative network

It consists of a pipe that collects rainwater and discharges it into the natural environment and a pipe that collects wastewater and sends it to treatment centres.

I am selling, who should I contact for the conformity check?

Compliance check of wastewater connections for property sales

Are you selling your property and need a sanitation compliance check? Make the request to your operator using the contact details below.

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