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The PMM action programme: 4
axes and 15 objectives

4 axes and 15 objectives structure the PMM action programme

Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole is positioning itself as THE territory of excellence and innovation in the Occitanie Region on the subject of ecological and energy transition. To achieve this, it deliberated an ambitious action programme in December 2019, which is based on concrete objectives for 6 years, but also for 2030 and 2050.

The Territorial Climate-Air-Energy Plan is composed of 4 strategic axes divided into 15 objectives:

The of the Territorial Climate-Air-Energy Plan
  • 1 Integrating climate and energy issues into planning tools
  • 2 Ensuring sustainable mobility
  • 3 Giving nature its rightful place
  • 4 Anticipating to reduce the vulnerability of the territory and preserve the coastline
  • 5 Revisiting our assets in the light of sustainable development
  • 6 Promoting sustainable local innovation
  • 7 Providing sustainable housing for all
  • 8 Culture as a development factor
  • 9 Building the energy transition
  • 10 Preserving water as a vulnerable resource
  • 11 Optimising waste collections 
  • 12 Improving the quality of life in the face of nuisance and pollution
  • 13 Steering and implementing sustainable development action programmes
  • 14 Building for and with residents through a participatory approach
  • 15 Setting an example through eco-responsibility