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Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

Concrete actions

Some concrete actions carried out on the territory of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole.

1. renovation of buildings

Renovating a house has a positive impact on the 3 pillars of sustainable development:

  • Economic: creation of jobs in the construction industry
  • Social: lower energy bills and well-being in the home
  • Environmental: less energy consumption means less greenhouse gas emissions

This is why PMM has set up the Rénov'Occitanie one-stop shop to help individuals with their energy renovation work.

2. Solutions for sustainable mobility

Cycling is the ideal way to get around without polluting and be healthy!

PMM has drawn up a Bicycle Plan to encourage cycling. Its aim? To promote the use of bicycles in a concerted manner by developing a network of continuous and safe routes, giving cyclists a real place.

3. Combating coastal erosion

With 22 km of sandy coastline, the PMM area is very much affected by beach recession.

It has therefore defined a development strategy aimed at making the coastline a resilient area for and with the inhabitants: raising awareness of the risks of erosion, flooding and coastal submersion, developing projects to reduce its vulnerability and experimenting with innovative solutions.

4. Sun, wind, wood, ...

Exceptional natural assets to produce renewable energy!

Among the most emblematic projects in the region, the Catalan Ecopark consists of 35 wind turbines, which cover the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 92,000 inhabitants!

5. Natural and agricultural areas effectively protected

In order to face up to the pressure of urbanisation and to protect areas that are recognised as remarkable, PMM has been coordinating and leading a PAEN since 2013, covering almost 300 hectares straddling two municipalities: a perimeter for the protection and enhancement of peri-urban agricultural and natural areas, the first created in France.