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The 36 Communes

Town of Saint-Féliu-d'Avall

Saint-Féliu-d'Avall is located in the Ribéral, a rich and fertile alluvial land that has long been an agricultural area, marked by the presence of market gardens and fruit trees. The surface area of the municipality is 1,079 hectares and its altitude varies between 64 and 114 metres.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Saint-Féliu-d'Avall has approximately 2,874 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called Saint-Féliens.

An artificial lake good for biodiversity

The artificial lake of Bouzigues, of 9 ha, is managed by Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, which has renovated it and opened it to fishing, protecting its fauna and flora and offering walkers a 2.5 km path. The lake is fed by the Têt, thanks to an irrigation canal of Bouzigues dating from 1855 which used to irrigate 23 ha of cultivated land in gardens, rich in alluvium deposited during the various floods of the Têt. There are still a few allotment gardens that bear witness to this past. This natural area is in the process of being classified as a Zone of Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest (ZNIEFF), which favours the diversity of niches and terrestrial species. It is important that it remains wild.