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The 36 Communes

City of Cassagnes

Below the village, the imposing dam of Cassagnes tames the torrents of the Agly, while on the other side of the village the Aubeil peak, the highest point of the Fenouillèdes massif, overlooks the village.

The area of the municipality is 1,516 hectares and its altitude varies between 278 and 470 metres.

The story

The surrounding area is a territory of vineyards, an ancestral land still dotted with several "capitelles" - these typical Roussillon huts made of a pile of dry stones (without mortar) - quite remarkable and perfectly preserved. As a highlight, the village of Cassagnes boasts a medieval palace listed in the inventory of French Historic Monuments, the Château de Cuxous, dating from the 12th and 13th centuries.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Cassagnes has approximately 271 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called Cassagnols.

The Village in a nutshell

Between the sea and the mountains, Cassagnes is located 35 km from Perpignan, in the canton of Latour-de-France. The landscape is made up of vineyards to the north and east, the Agly valley to the west and a small massif to the south where the highest point of the commune is located: Pic Aubeil, at 541m.