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The 36 Communes

City of Villelongue-de-la-Salanque

The commune is located in the Salanque, a marshy area that has gradually dried up, allowing the land to be cultivated. The first works date back to 1344, when the commune belonged to the King of Majorca. Villelongue-de-la-Salanque is located 9 km from Perpignan and 4 km from the sea.

The story

Villelongue-de-la-Salanque is an ancient medieval commune, since the name "Villa longa" is found in 934. However, a first settlement seems to have existed, as early as the Roman period, on the site of the old parish of SantEstevedelPi, from which only the name Saint Estève has survived. The name Salanque was added to the name of the commune in the 14th century and especially from the 17th century.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Villelongue-de-la-Salanque has approximately 3,289 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called the Villelonguets.

Its heritage

The village is built in a spiral around its church and fortifications appeared in the 14th century. A lord of Villelongue was present in 1319. Pierre de Bellcastell, butler to the King of Majorca, was granted legal rights over Villelongue-de-la-Salanque and his son François was the first lord of whom there is formal proof. Over the course of time, the village has belonged to Spain, as in 1375 when it joined the kingdom of Aragon.