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Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

The 36 Communes

City of Estagel

Crossed from west to east by the river Agly, Estagel is a commune that stretches along the border of the Corbières and Fenouillèdes. A historical and geological frontier nestled in the heart of the Agly valley, Estagel benefits from a micro-climate ideal for the cultivation of vines, with wines characterised by their diversity, complexity and character.

The area of the municipality is 2,083 hectares and its altitude varies between 58 and 325 metres.

The story

Estagel, a very old village which still retains many traces of Roman settlement, has for a large part of its history had the eventful destiny of a border town, and during the Revolution played a significant role on the side of the Republicans. Among the personalities who have marked the history of the town, we should mention François Arago, an important figure in 19th century science and politics, who was born in Estagel.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Estagel has approximately 2,064 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called the Estagellois.

The Saint-Vincent Chapel

This chapel, which has a pre-Romanesque apse, is situated on the hill that took its name in the municipality of Estagel. It probably replaced a pagan building (Gallo-Roman villas existed on the territory of Estagel Mas de Jau and Mas Camps).

The first written records of this chapel can be found in the collection of charters of the abbey of La Grasse.