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The 36 Communes

City of Rivesaltes

Rivesaltes... a name known throughout the world for the quality of its Muscats de Rivesaltes, Rivesaltes and other appellations. Wine growing is not the only agricultural wealth, the quality of its arboriculture and its traditional market gardening far from the forced cultures corresponds well to the current research of natural and true products. The surface area of the commune is 2,876 hectares and its altitude varies between 11 and 70 metres.

The story

The exact date of the foundation of Rivesaltes is not known, but it is thought that the town existed in 729 at the time of the Saracen invasion. Rivesaltes was fortified from 1172. The ensemble probably included seven or eight towers and ditches, which have since been filled in.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Rivesaltes has approximately 8,900 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called the Rivesaltais.

The Rivesaltes camp memorial

Inaugurated at the end of 2015 and built amidst the remains of the barracks, witnesses to more than 60,000 people, the Rivesaltes Memorial is a place of history and memory, open to the contemporary world.

Its purpose is to restore and transmit the history of this camp, a witness to the conflicts of the 20th century.

It is also a reference point on the issue of forced displacement and its control.