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Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

The 36 Communes

City of Toulouges

Known for its production of red onions, Toulouges is located 6 km southwest of Perpignan. It has also been twinned for nearly 30 years with the southern Catalan town of les Borges Blanques (province of Lérida).

The story

It was in Toulouges, on 16 May 1027, under the aegis of the "abat Oliva" that the synod of the "Trêva de Deu" was held, the prescriptions of which extended to almost all of France at the time. This first official peace initiative was the origin of the "Corts" or Catalan parliament established at the beginning of the 13th century. Toulouges remains a repository of this spirit of peace, which is commemorated every year at the foot of the stele erected on "el Camp de Maig". The historic village with its 11th century church, the two bell towers (secular and religious) facing each other, has kept the very strong mark of this past.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Toulouges has approximately 7,000 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called Toulougiens.


Clairfont Park is an undeniable attraction due to its beauty: 100 species of trees, two small ponds in a green setting that can be used for events. Equipped with games for children, Clairfont Park has become a favourite place for family walks.

Sports and cultural associations can benefit from numerous facilities: the Naturopôle sports hall, the municipal stadiums, but also the El Mil.lénari cultural centre. Toulouges also has many facilities for the elderly and the young. The Naturopôle business park and its extensions are integrated into a natural area near the Clairfont park. Naturopôle brings together tertiary, industrial, craft and commercial activities. The local shops in the heart of the village liven up the town centre.