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The 36 Communes

City Espira de l'Agly

Espira-de-l'Agly is located 10 km from Perpignan and 14 km from the sea, 5 km from the Perpignan-Nord motorway exit, and from the airport. Its territory extends from the rich plain of Roussillon to the foothills of the Corbières, from which it is separated by a green strip of pine forests. It is crossed by the Agly, a torrential river whose rebellious character originated in Cathar territory in the Bugarach massif.

The area of the commune is 2,677 hectares and its altitude varies between 28 and 455 metres.

The story

Evidence of the first inhabitants on the banks of the Agly dates back one million years. At that time, our ancestors settled on either side of the river, dominated by the 455-metre-high Mount Espira. Shortly before Christ, the tenth Roman legion was stationed in Narbonne Gaul, and as a reward for their campaigns, veterans of this army were given land to spend their old age on. One of them will leave the trace of his passage: ASPIRANUM.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Espira de l'Agly has approximately 3,615 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called Espiranencs.

A wine-growing area

In a vast territory with numerous terroirs, we find the largest concentration of private cellars in the department which produce the famous Roussillon wines (A.O.C., Vins doux naturels, Muscats) of superior quality and so often awarded.