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The 36 Communes

City of Torreilles

Nestled in the heart of the Salanque, Torreilles has a dual character, that of a typically Catalan village that has managed to preserve its traditions and identity, and that of a seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast where nature has been preserved in collaboration with the Conservatoire du Littoral.

The story

The etymology of the village is inherited from its architecture. The presence of small medieval defence towers, which have now disappeared, gave its name to the municipality of Turrilias in the 10th century, which became Torrelles in the 12th century. Nearby, the ancient villages of Villa Judaicas and Mudagons were adjacent to a Roman road. Torreilles was under the control of the Viscounts of Canet in the Middle Ages.



Number of inhabitants

The town of Torreilles has approximately 3,865 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are called Torreillans.

Juhègues, a heritage jewel

The small typical streets are full of unsuspected treasures, whether it be houses or flowered patios. A small path at the edge of the village leads to Juhègues, a real heritage jewel of the town, a witness to its history.