PLU commune of Toulouges

The opposable document in the commune is a PLU, the 1st simplified modification of which was approved on 05/02/2014.

A simplified modification n°2 of the Toulouges Local Urban Plan was prescribed by the President's order of November 3, 2021. The procedures for making the file available to the public were defined by PMM deliberation dated November 22, 2021.

This consultation will take place from Monday July 3, 2023 to Friday August 4, 2023. The file will be available at the following address: http: //

In a deliberation dated June 26, 2023, the community council decided not to carry out an environmental assessment for the simplified modification procedure no. 2 of the PLU, in view of the tacit opinion in the context of the referral dated March 22, 2023 for assent after the case-by-case examination. This deliberation is available below.

At the same time, the development of an inter-communal Local Urban Plan - Displacement (PLUi-D) is currently underway. Consultation documents are available in the PLUi-D section of the site.