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The winners of the poetry contest are...

Perpignan Méditerranée has decided to join forces with its public transport network 🚌 Sankéo at the national "Printemps des poètes" event ✍ through a poetry competition open to CM2 classes, with the 3 winners being offered three extracurricular educational outings, including transport and entrance fees for pupils and accompanying adults, to one of PMM's sites of interest.

Thehe prizes for the poetry competition organized by PMM, Sankéo, ADATEEP66 and the DSDEN des PO were awarded to the 3 winning classes:
👏 Ecole Jean-Moulin de le Barcarès, which took the jury on a trip around the world.
and who seduced him with his light, joyful style.
👏 Ecole Pasteur-Lamartine de Perpignan, which tackled the theme of
border from a highly original angle, that of the transition from school
primary to middle school
👏 Tautavel primary school transported the jury into a world without barriers, obstacles or frontiers!

💡A multi-faceted competition!

This competition, in which 23 classes took part, created a sense of competition between pupils and schools. It provides financial support for local authorities and enables pupils to discover a choice of around fifty sites of interest in the region. In addition, the 3 winning classes will familiarize themselves with the use of public transport before moving on to 6th grade, thanks to a 2-hour training course on road safety and citizenship on public transport.
provided by ADATEEP 👉 It's the small quid pro quo for financing the field trip!

✒️ Presentation of the diplomas in the presence of Jean-Charles MORICONI, Vice-président de Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole délégué aux Mobilités, Alain FERRAND, maire et Marie DUFFAUD adjointe de la commune de Le Barcarès, Marie-Thérèse COSTA-FESENBECK adjointe de la ville de Perpignan, Agnès RAGOT, first deputy mayor of Tautavel, Robert PIQUET president of ADATEEP66 and Fabrice MAYER director of Kéolis Perpignan Méditerranée, teachers, school principals and prizewinners.

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