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💪 Repowering of the Rivesaltes wind farm 🍃

🌬️ The wind farm, which will be 20 years old by 2021, has been completely replaced, making Rivesaltes a positive energy territory.

🪫 Dismantling of the 8 old wind turbines to make way for the 6 new ones with more powerful turbines. The output of the new wind farm increases by almost 50%, which means more renewable energy is produced. 🔋

Highlights of this dismantling operation:

♻️ 95% of the materials from the old wind turbines will be recycled (the concrete will be used as building materials, the steel will be remelted and reused, the nacelle will be resold on the second-hand market, and the blades will be converted into street furniture).

💪 Fewer new wind turbines of virtually the same size, with reduced ambient noise.

🏠 Energy production for all the inhabitants of Rivesaltes and part of the metropolitan area.

🌍 Thanks to this wind farm, 5,000 tonnes of CO² are avoided every year (equivalent to the amount that would be produced if this energy were generated in thermal power stations).

The inauguration took place in the presence of Robert VILA, President of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, Laurent GAUZE, Vice-President in charge of the Economy and President of the CCI, Marc MEDINA, Vice-President in charge of Sustainable Development, André BASCOU, Mayor of Rivesaltes, Vincent FRISTOT, President of the GEG Group and Deputy Mayor of Grenoble in charge of economic transition, and Franck TAFFET, Director of Occitanie Sales at Enercon. 

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