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The place of GIS in regulations

[#Events] 13th edition of the JASIG66 Professional Day for GIS Actors in the Pyrénées Orientales with the theme "The place of GIS in regulations"! 🌐

📍 Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole is proud to welcome to its premises for the 4th time, more than 80 local players and professionals in geographic information, representing 31 different public or private organizations, including 9 from outside the département.

The organizing committee, comprising the French government, the OpenIG Association, the Conseil Départemental, the Agence d'Urbanisme Catalane, the Albères Côte Vermeille Illebéris communauté de communes and the Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole urban community, hosted the event on June 29 in the PMM amphitheatre.

💬 A tailor-made program, with topics such as the address database, the census and characterization of ZAEs (Zones d'Activités Economiques), the Géoportail de l'urbanisme: legal issues to put online and updates, understanding the "ZAN" (space consumption and artificialization), local and OPenIG news, but also demonstrations and practical application.

👤This day was attended by Laurence Ausina, in her capacity as PMM vice-president responsible for GIS, Frédéric Caravalhais, PMM, Anastasia Parouty and Serge Herviou, Agence d'urbanisme Catalane, Gabriel Causera, Agglo Béziers, Gabriel Poujol, OPenIG, FX Fallé and Géraldine Cayrol, Communauté de communes Albères-Côte Vermeille-Illibéris, Jean Figuerola, DDTM66 and numerous national players. 

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