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🍄 Inauguration of the Maison Vialade mushroom farm 🍄

[#inauguration] 🍄 Inauguration of the Champignonniere Maison Vialade 🍄

🌲 🌳 For 3 generations, the Maison Vialade has been driven by the passion for mushrooms. The inauguration of this new space took place on Tuesday, April 25 in Rivesaltes.

It produces and distributes fresh mushrooms of all varieties! Whole or cut, they are then packaged in trays. In addition, 1/3 of the production comes from organic farming!

🛒It distributes its products nationwide in 120 supermarkets and supplies the South of France to your plate in short circuits 🍽️

🤝With the help of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole and the Occitanie Region, Maison Vialade is developing its mushroom business.

Following the presentation of the Vialade group's project in 2019, PMM granted a discount on the land in the Zone d'Activité Économique in Rivesaltes. In return, Champi 66 (SAS of the Vialade group) is committed to creating 80 jobs. 💪

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