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💧 ⚠️ Preserving the blue gold ⚠️ 💧

💧 ⚠️ Let's preserve the blue gold ⚠️ 💧

The Pyrénées-Orientales department has been suffering for several months from a drought qualified as historic by the services of Météo France by its duration (> 1 year) and its intensity (exceptionally hot temperatures for the season).

The Prefect has placed the Department on high alert for all surface and deep water tables.

As a water userwhether it comes from your tap or from a particular well/borehole, you must respect the restrictions of withdrawal related to this level of alert and which are detailed below:

🌏 This "winter dry record" situation makes it necessary to reduce OUR water consumption as quickly and significantly as possible in order to limit the lowering of our water tables and avoid possible drinking water breaks.

Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, producer and distributor of drinking water, relies on the responsibility of all to limit water consumption.

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