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Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

[#inauguration] Sainte Marie La Mer's new Victor Hugo multimedia library inaugurated
📖  The brand-new media library in the heart of the village was inaugurated on October 25, 2023.
📚 This 380m2 cultural venue has been open to the public since July 19.
😃 More than 540 people have registered since the library opened, including 276 new subscribers and 17 special "community" access cards. The library is used by an estimated 1,000 people a month, and lends out an estimated 1,300 documents a month.
📌 The media library has 8500 documents and several areas:
  - A reception/press area, early childhood, youth and teenagers, adults, a computer corner and an activity room.
  - 6 computer stations
  - Access to a wide range of digital resources at
📎 is a network that offers virtually unlimited possibilities, thanks to the pooling of PMM's cultural resources. Members can enjoy a choice of classic and contemporary authors' books, download almost 3,000 titles of books, comics and over 1,000 titles of press magazines. They can also access 9000 films and documentaries, as well as an impressive music catalog. 40 existing media libraries, digitally interconnected via the Résolu.Net portal.
🤝 Perpignan Méditerranée métropole contributed 312,111euros, or 25.7% of the total cost.
The opening of a media library is a powerful symbol. It is the embodiment of an essential public service that aims to do everything possible to promote access to knowledge and learning, and it is also a local space that is essential to the development of the region.
The inauguration was attended by E JORDA, mayor of Sainte Marie La Mer and PMM community councillor, Y.MARCON, secretary general of the Préfecture des PO, H.MALHERBE, president of the Département des PO, L.FRANCOIS, regional councillor representing C.DELGA, C.DELPOSO deputising for Senator J.SOL, M.GARCIA-VIDAL, mayor of Saint-Hyppolite and representative of R.VILA, president of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole.

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