Ekolandthe first post-apocalyptic theme park with a new concept! 🕵️

E-KO Land, the first post-apocalyptic theme park with an original concept!!🕵️
đź“Ť Live a unique experience, come and discover this brand new concept located in the commune of Cabestany.

♻️E-KO Land is an immersive eco-responsible survivalist theme park composed of nearly 75% recovered materials that mixes adrenaline, skill and agility.

The goal? Save the world! Perform through a set of agility, skill and dexterity game courses, all in a post-apocalyptic setting!

👉 The inauguration took place on January 24 in the presence of the two founders of the concept C.Taquet and J.Furcade, R.Vila president of Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole, L.Gauze, president of the CCI des PO.

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