Inauguration of Agrivoltaic of Llupia
🌏 Our territory is increasingly affected by the effects of climate change. Excessive sunshine ☀️, hail events ❄️, and high winds 🌬️ are creating a loss of agricultural production.
The site of Llupia is a pilot project of agrivoltaism of the agricultural group llle Roussillon, managed by Pierre BATTLE and developed by Sun'Agri with the help and support of local authorities.
At the origin of the project, Pierre BATTLE's will to reinstate and perpetuate the cultivation of pears in the department through an innovative and eco-responsible agriculture.
🌱 This agrivoltaic site aims to protect its 2.3 hectares of organically grown pears and feed agronomic intelligence. Thus on site sensors collect on this plot more than 10 million data every year that an artificial intelligence integrates to control and optimize the needs and well-being of plants in real time.
The solar blinds also allow the production of green and local electricity and the financing of this climate protection device.
Expected benefits and productions on the site of Llupia :
  • 🌡️ 4 degrees cooler in the summer under the blinds,
  • 💧 30% less irrigation requirements,
  • 🌨️ Reduced losses from scorch, frost and hail,
  • 🍐 Local annual production of134 tons of organic labeled pears.
  • ⚡ Processing of part of the production in the department (SIBIO company),
  • 🔋 1.77 megawatt-peak of installed electrical power, or 550 homes supplied with electricity

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