♻️Bio-waste collection!
♻️ Bio-waste collection !
Within the framework of the experimentation of the collection of "bio-waste", Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole has signed up to this virtuous approach and has been selected to experiment with a collection in voluntary drop-off points (PAV).
🚮 A project that runs from September 2022 to September 2023 in 3 areas:
📍 Vertical collective housing: Perpignan Moulin à Vent (23 PAV) and LOPOFA residence (3 PAV).
📍 Center Bourg : Cabestany (4 PAV).
📍 Residential area: Villeneuve de la Raho (9 PAV).
The teams of Waste Recovery Ambassadors have been working with the users and elected officials concerned since February 2022.
👨👩👧👦40 control households have been trained to be privileged relays with PMM.
👨👩👧👦1141 households have signed the "charter of commitment to fight against food waste and the sorting of bio-waste" and have already come to collect their bio-waste kit including a bio-bucket, the sorting guide and the kraft bags.
The Bio Waste Kits are still available, (to be picked up in the Annex of the concerned district for Perpignan, and in the town hall for Cabestany and Villeneuve de la Raho).
In just a few days of experimentation, 560kg of organic waste were diverted from the traditional collection and converted into BIO GAS. The deployment on the territory of PMM will be considered if the experimentation proves technically and financially conclusive.
For any question, the Waste Management and Public Space Department remains at your disposal for any additional information.
📱 04 68 08 63 40
📧 Accueil.dechets@perpignan-mediterranee.org
🖊️Text source: Dvdep Pmm

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