TET river banks: completion of ecological engineering works
🔍🌾 PMM is finalising the ecological engineering work on the left bank with the planting of helophyte cuttings in the form of fascines.
🤔 What are helophyte weirs?
👉 This is a protection set up on the banks of a watercourse, by means of a vegetated coconut fibre rope (see photos)🥥. This is placed between two rows of deeply planted piles🪵. Helophytes are plants that are chosen for their dense root system that develops despite a muddy, waterlogged substrate.
🤔 What is it for?
🌱💧The creation of a beach of helophytes thus makes it possible to dissipate the energy of the water, to stabilise the banks and to encourage the rooting of the plants. The installation of willow branches with offshoots then allows the soil to be completely covered.
🤔 In brief:
The aim of the operation is to plant a mat of willow branches, which will be covered by a vegetated coconut fibre rope, all held together by willow stakes. This technique ensures the stabilisation of the banks as well as its vegetation development.
👍🏼The installation of a ganivelle on the top of the bank is also in progress. 🌱The final planting will take place in March/April.
🌁 At the ford crossing, work on the ramp with riprap is being finalised.

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